The High Cost Of Cheap Computers

Those glossy ads for inexpensive computers look good, don’t they? Imagine a brand new PC for less than $500! But there’s a catch: those computers may not last long enough for you to get your money’s worth.

In my experience, bargain-basement PCs are typically made with less-than-stellar components, so they break down faster and cost more to repair. They often come with minimal memory and hard drive space, meaning you’ll have to upgrade sooner than you would with a midrange model. That’s assuming you’re able to upgrade at all. Some of the low-end models don’t have the capacity to be upgraded, or use proprietary parts that cost a fortune.

Bear in mind that the practical lifespan of a computer is about 3 years. Yes, most of us use ours longer, but the manufacturers design computers with that lifespan in mind. You can buy a $1,200 PC that lasts you 3 years or longer, or you can buy a $500 PC that lasts you less than a year. The computer manufacturers love that because they can pretend they’re saving you money while locking you into a continual re-purchase cycle.

Consider your computer an investment. The more you spend up-front, the longer that investment will last.

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