Fake Microsoft Security Essentials Antivirus

The real Microsoft Security Essentials is a free tool that helps protect your computer from viruses and other threats. A fake antivirus program is using the Security Essentials name to spread its infections.

Fake antivirus programs are viruses that purport to be legitimate security software. It can be very difficult to tell the tricksters from the real deal. In this case, if you run across something claiming to be “Security Essentials 2010“, stay far away.

Like other fake antivirus programs, this particular rogue hijacks your computer and prevents you from accessing the web sites of legitimate antivirus vendors. It uses hyperbole to convince you that your computer is infected, then tries to con you into paying for removal. Such tricks are becoming more common. I’ve previously written about the odious Win Antivirus 2010, a rogue that really raised the bar on how far these con artists will go in order to make money at your expense.

By itself, Microsoft Security Essentials (the real one) is not adequate security software. You need something more robust like the free or paid versions of AVG, or Trend Micro or McAfee. I’m still not recommending Norton because it’s such a memory hog, but use it if you must. Also be careful if you look for for antivirus programs via a search engine, as the con artists hijack search results to spread their dangerous look-alikes.


  1. Actually apparently Microsoft Security Essentials is more powerful than McAfee? And Comodo with the best firewall, apparently these freewares exceed te paid ones. But Kaspersky the best suite.

  2. It depends on the version of McAfee. The basic version is, well, basic, but the suite is pretty good. I don’t think Microsoft Security Essentials does enough to protect your computer, and even Microsoft has said its primary objective is to protect computers in non-US countries where many people do not install antivirus. Both Kapersky and Comodo have excellent products.

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