Follow These Steps To Computer Security

My column in today’s Northwest Herald talks about the four steps you need to take to minimize computer security risks: a security software suite, a hardware firewall, strong and unique passwords, and a method for keeping your software updated.

Here are some recommendations on security software suites.

You’ll notice I didn’t mention Norton. While Norton is adequate, it doesn’t have the best detection rates, and it takes up a significant amount of memory especially on older computers. I wrote several years ago about the reasons why I started recommending alternatives to Norton. Although recent versions of Norton have fixed some of these issues, I still prefer the alternatives.

Here’s my guide to creating secure passwords:

Plus, an article on what to do if your account is hijacked.

I mentioned several utilities that can help you keep your software up to date. For Windows, try Secunia’s Personal Software Inspector. Two possibilities for Mac users are AppFresh and Mac Informer.

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