Windows XP Is Dead. Now What?

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Cryptolocker: Why Modern Computer Viruses Are More Dangerous Than Ever

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How To Protect Your Privacy On Social Media Sites Like Facebook And Twitter

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How To Secure Your Web Browser

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A Parent’s Guide To Protecting Your Kids Online

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Hands-On With The Samsung Galaxy S4, Plus Antivirus For Android

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Six Things Every PC User Needs To Know About Windows 8.1

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How To Backup And Restore Files On Your PC Or Mac

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Adobe’s Moved Creative Suite Exclusively To The Cloud. Is This Good Or Bad?

Adobe has announced that, from now on, the only way to get Creative Suite is via the cloud. That's right, no more boxed versions of CS - you get it via the Internet or no Photoshop or Illustrator for you. Many people are wondering how this is going … [Continue reading]

How To Avoid Keyloggers, Ransomware, And Rootkits

The most advanced threats to your computer - keyloggers, ransomware, and rootkits - are also the most insidious. The best way to deal with them is to avoid them entirely. Keyloggers come in hardware form, but are usually software viruses that … [Continue reading]